The revised Adanaved Open Water Diver program incorporated more Adventure Dives giving the program a greater variety and reach. These included Ice Diver, Cavern Diver and Self-Reliant Diver all of which have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

Although many Adventure Dives require no Specialty Instructor training and certifications others such as the aforementioned do. What PADI Specialty Instructor ratings would you like to have? 

There are variations of symbiosis present on the reefs such as Commensalism and Parasitic as well as two kinds of Mutualistic; Obligate and Facultative.

The relationship between Anemonefish and Anemone is one of my personal favourite to witness while out diving. Which is your favourite?

See how many different types you can recognise next time you're out.

Closed Circuit Rebreathers have many advantages such as extended gas range and the lack of bubbles which is imperative when diving in overhead environments reducing the risk of any debris being disturbed above the diver.

They have become more popular and readily available in recent years and can be taught to recreation students and once certified may take addition recreation and technical programs in their unit of choice.

I know it's certainly of my wishlist!

Fail-Safe is an engineering term to describe a design feature that if a piece of equipment breaks it will cause minimum damage or harm.

For us divers, it means that in the unlikely event of a regulator failing it will provide a continuous flow of air to the diver. This is why we practice the Free-Flow Regulator skill in dive training.

This is another RDP question that may be referenced rather than recalled. Check out the reverse of your RDP or the inside lid of the eRDPml and you'll find the answer.

Understanding how materials work with each other and focusing on a reference over recall methodology when studying for your PADI Instructor Course will pay dividends and makes it much easier to transition from manual to manual as they become updated from year to year.