There is a myriad of weighing systems now employed in the diving community. Their commonality is that should all the ability to be quickly released in case of an emergency.

To counter instances of diving accidents and incidents of divers surfacing and struggling to establish positive buoyancy the emergency weight drop is taught to all PADI Open Water Divers and ReActivate participants. 

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The U.S Navy tables were initially designed for single depth, non-repetitive dives. This meant that they very conservative and didn't really fulfill the needs of recreational divers. That's when Dr. Raymond Rogers and his team developed the PADI RDP.

Because the two table are derived from different models using compartment and wash out information, pressure group designations are not interchangeable. 

Although sound travels through water at approximately 4 times it travels through air because of it's increased density, temperature and pressure are also factors. This is how whales and porpoises are so proficient in communicating over large distances underwater and why the use of seismic airgun blasting is such a threat to all marine life. 

The Carotid-Sinus is located at the origin of the Carotid Artery and consists of nerve involved in baroregulation, pressure regulation in sync with the body's external environment.

Physical triggering of the reflex can result in a loss of consciousness in a diver which could be potentially lethal while at depth. Alway fit exposure protection correctly.

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Although general standards pertaining to PADI Specialty Programs can be found in the Key Standards table in your PADI Instructor Manual, more details can be found in the individual Specialty Instructor outlines. 

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