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To get the answer to this one you'll need to scroll through to the Max Depth option in Mode. Once there just key in the information for the dive and the Max Depth will appear for you. Easy Peasy!

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Using a simplified calculation you will be able to work out the increase/decrease in the pressure of a scuba cylinder with the change in its temperature.

+/- 1 degree Celcius equates to a pressure change of 0.6 bar in the cylinder. This is based on Charles Law that gas expands when heated and contracts when cooled. Because the cylinder is inflexible at these pressures the pressure exerted against the walls alters based on the gas's temperature. 

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The immediacy of symptom onset is a good indicator of a Lung Overexpansion Injury. Delayed onset suggests DCS.

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All participants enrol in the same Open Water Course - it's their age that determines the depth and supervision parameters of the programs conduct and which certification they will receive upon completion. 

Check Open Water Diver Course - Section one for confirmation of the prerequisites.